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Caspar Compressor-FFD series All-in-one (PM+VSD+Dryer) Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor

Caspar’s Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor, a cutting-edge solution for delivering clean and oil-free compressed air. This innovative compressor utilizes a unique design with static and moving vortex disks that operate within a compact radius. These components create multiple closed, crescent-shaped compression chambers, ensuring highly efficient air compression.

As ambient air is drawn into the compressor, it undergoes progressive compression within the crescent-shaped chambers, ultimately exiting through the central outlet of the static vortex disk. The result is a consistent supply of high-quality, oil-free compressed air, making it ideal for critical applications across various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, printing, chemicals, precision spraying, and more.

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  1. Leading the industry as a manufacturer of single-phase permanent magnet inverter air compressors.
  2. Compact design with a footprint only one-third the size of traditional air compressors.
  3. Boasts a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch screen display, offering full digital control and dual pressure monitoring.
  4. The entire system comes standard with noise-reducing sponge, ensuring a quiet operation at just 62±3dB, suitable for indoor use.
  5. Featuring an independently developed head by Caspar Compressor, this compressor achieves a remarkable 30% increase in efficiency compared to asynchronous motors. It has undergone rigorous three years of endurance testing, maintaining an efficiency rating of over 95%.
  6. Innovative all-in-one design, complete with a built-in cold dryer for added convenience.

ModelPower kWHorse Power HPVoltage VBar barDisplacement L/minAir vessel LDimension mm

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