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Caspar Compressor-KV series (PM+VSD) Screw Air Compressor

Caspar Compressors have developed and produced compressors featuring a unique heavy-duty integrated head with six bearings, seamlessly combined with a Mo taper connection and flange. What sets us apart is our motor, a specially designed molded permanent magnet motor that boasts exceptional efficiency, exceeding 95%, and adheres to IE4 national energy efficiency standards. At Caspar, we are committed to delivering top-notch compressors that set new benchmarks in performance and energy efficiency.

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  1. Durability: Caspar has independently developed and manufactured a high-efficiency Airend with 6 bearings. The Airend and flange are integrated and connected using Morse taper technology for a heavy-duty integrated Airend.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Our compressors feature a permanent magnet motor with 95% efficiency, meeting the IE4 standard.
  3. Stability: Equipped with a larger inverter and IoT module, our compressors offer enhanced stability and convenient remote control and monitoring.
  4. Wide Voltage Range: Caspar’s ‘KV’ series air compressors can start and operate normally at voltages as low as 180V without motor burnout.
  5. User-Friendly Control: Utilizing the all-digital 860 control panel, operation and adjustment are straightforward.
  6. Low Noise: Our compressors are enclosed in a fully sealed cabin constructed with automotive-grade galvanized panels, reducing noise levels to 65±3dB.
  7. Effective Filtration: Caspar’s R&D team has designed an oil and air separator with our patented 5-fold separation oil and gas system, ensuring oil content at the outlet is ≤ 2ppm.
  8. Constant Pressure: Permanent magnet frequency conversion technology ensures consistent air supply output.
  9. Air Storage Tank: Our compressors are equipped with national standard gas storage tanks and hold pressure vessel certificates. We have obtained CE and ASME verifications for our air tanks.
  10. Safety: We prioritize safety with a triple-layer protection system, eliminating security risks.
  11. User-Centric Features: Our compressors come with features such as protective control face frames with limit forklift feet, an external liquid level observation hole, pressure double display, stainless steel door locks, air inlet pre-filters, and extended drain valves.
  12. Easy Maintenance: External oil distributors and oil filters make disassembly and installation simple, requiring only a 6-angle wrench. No professional staff is needed, allowing for user-friendly maintenance.

ModelPower kWHorse Power HPVoltage VBar barDisplacement L/minAir vessel LDimension mmOutlet Size

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