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Caspar Compressor-Electric Vehicle Onboard Air Compressor

Introducing Caspar Compressor’s Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor for Mobile Applications!

Our compressor delivers reliable, oil-free compressed air on the go, ensuring top performance with minimal maintenance. With user-friendly controls and energy-efficient operation, it’s your ideal mobile air solution.

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  • Imported brand core electrical components ensure long-term stability and reliability of the unit, with rationalized wiring for ease of maintenance. 
  • Oil-free scroll compressors have fewer vulnerable parts, requiring only regular replacement of air filters, unlike traditional oil-injected screw machines.
  • Regular maintenance includes air filter, oil separation, oil filter, and lubricant replacement. The soundproof enclosure features hinge and gas spring design, with maintenance windows on all sides for easy servicing.
  • Straightforward parameter settings and intelligent control for energy savings. Single units use start-stop control to conserve energy.
  • Multiple units employ coordinated control, automatically adjusting startup and shutdown based on customer air consumption, further enhancing energy efficiency and meeting diverse customer demand for air volume.
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